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The Skoll Foundation  is at the cutting edge of searching, selecting and backing the best and brightest social entreprenuers. They point to Muhammad Yunnus´s Grameen Bank, the world leader in micro-finance, as the birth point of what is social entrepreneurship.  

The founder of the Pioneer Mindset had the fortune to witness the rise from the Grameen´s small beginnings over 15 years ago as an early adaptor of the organization´s intiative.  It went from a small, clear, focused endeavor into an platform that has extended over $6billion in micro-loans, keeping its original values and reaching expotential growth.

Here is a great clip from the Skoll Foundation telling the story of social entrepreneurship:

The social entrepreneur sees massive possibilities where others see massive problems.  Social venturing demands a pioneering mindset and an enduring commitment to expotential results.