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Exercising choice is powerful.  Its effects ripple out in every direction in our lives, personally and professionally.

Yet many individuals compartmentalize their lives, forming a faulty foundation for making effective clear decisions.

It is in this ability to take a full spectrum view on one´s life, that effective paths are forged.  It is a sign of maturity and ultimately of wisdom.

Another factor we encourage people to take into consideration is the span of time in which they evaluate their trade-offs.  In a culture of quarterly returns and hyper-drive, short-termism creeps into the scene and clouds long-term thinking.  This in turn shuts out the voice of perspective.

While it is impossible to estimate the full impact of any given decision, it is possible to be value driven. And these values are enduring and last a life time. The best pioneering minds we have met to date have character built on rock solid values.

Sit back and enjoy this reflection: