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UP is a film in the theaters now.

It is a must see.  While most of the reviews focus on the humor and box office sales figures, we focus on the message of this film.  This is a story of substance that brilliantly displays the spirit of adventure, collaboration between generations and the value of leadership, team work and commitment.

The story is driven by the spirit of quest, discovery and exploration.  All key elements which drive the innovator, builder of social ventures and individuals that seek to pursue a fresh professional path.

US President Woodrow Wilson said, “We grow by dreams.  All big individuals are dreamers.  They see things in the soft haze of a spring day, or in the red fire on a long winter´s evening.  Some of us let those great dreams die, but others nourish and protect them; nourish them through bad days until they bring them to the sunshine and light which comes always to those who sincerely hope that their dreams will come true.”

The quest is the adventure that calls us.

Discovery is the fuel that drives the quest and moves us to explore.  The film´s setting is rooted in a powerful tradition started by Arthur Conan Doyle´s Lost Land.  The backdrops to these stories take place in a real remote part of the planet situated in the depths of Venzuela and Brazil.

It is easy to see why this land sparked a burning curiosity:

Most people appreciate the AH-HA feeling of discovery and most get excited about the quest.  Yet, the vast majority of individuals stop short of exploring.
And it is in the commitment to action and exploration that a true quest is commenced with the potential for discovery. It is in this union of questing, discovery and exploration that one begins to exercise the muscles which advance the Pioneer Mindset.


The TS Linden Take 

They say = I say

The Limit = The Frontier

Distraction = Exploration

Problem = Possibility

Risk = Reward

Day Dreamer = Visionary

Sophisticated = Savage

In order to pioneer into uncharted territories, you must build up your exploration muscles.  Exploration is action oriented and is fueld by an curiosity, persistence and a passion for problem solving.  It equally calls for courage and conviction.  Without these main ingredients your efforts will grind to a halt from social friction. 

Social friction is that resistence you confront when you start sharing your idea of making a move into an uncharted territory.  People will start generating lists of downsides, potential problems and dump onto you their own deep seated fears.  

For the novice, these forces can slow you down.  The question is why?  Part of it comes from your circle of friends and family wanting stabilty for you.  The second is that people within your circle might be unfamiliar with the exploration and innovation culture.   What you need to do is to help them understand innovation and exploration.

There is a art and science to innovation.  IDEO,, is a firm that is a world class design and innovation house.  Tom Kelley, the general partner at IDEO produced a great book called The Ten Faces of Innovation (  The different innovator profiles can help guide you and shed light on which type best describes yourself.  

In addition, Tim Brown of Ideo is an exceptional innovator and individual who has mastered the cinematic lense. 

Underlying all of these profiles is the spirit of exploration.  It is crucial to nurture and develop the exploration spirit.  It is what gives you the endurance and energy to experiment, generate ideas and connect with a wide and varied network of interesting individuals which can ultimately gel into a support network for an idea that you have properly explored and realized is one worth pioneering. 

Always keep that spirit burning bright.