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The Mentors
Mentors provide wisdom, open key doors + hold a long-term view on your professional development.

Mentors vs Friends
Mentors rarely are your best friend, though they may go to further lengths then most of your inner circle to help you materialize your vision.  Mentors are a precious resource to be called upon for strategic input.

Friends  provide solace when times are tough and are consistent cheer leaders when times are good.  Yet, friends often provide mixed results when it comes to championing your professional vision. They may hold back their best insights for fear they might hurt your feelings.

Mentors say as they see it.  And mentors endorse their candidate once they have earned their stripes.

Measuring A Mentor
All mentors are not created equal.  You must be selective about whom you ask to be a mentor.

Masterful Mentors Traits
A masterful mentor has five key traits:

  1. Honest
  2. Direct
  3. Committed
  4. Results Oriented
  5. Enduring

Be A Good Student
In order to attract a world class mentor, you must be a world class student.  You must demonstrate your focus, commitment and drive towards results.  You must also be humble and acknowledge what you need to learn.  The better the student you are, the more attractive you will be to a potential mentor.

Each mentor has a limited amount of time, for the best mentors are people in positions of leadership and people of action. As such, to accept being a mentor is a serious commitment  and they expect you to be mindful of their time. Most mentors are motivated by a sense of give back + they know their invested energies was worth it by the fruits of your labor.

The Ask
Sometimes mentorships  organically evolve.  Yet, we advocate that you invite your potential mentor to a lunch and make a formal request for them to be your mentor.   They will inquire what you expect of them.  Be clear in your mind why you selected them, be clear on how you see it unfolding and always be respectful of their time + relationships.

The best mentor – student relationships are low profile, high results and enduring.  They provide a sense of give back to the mentor and they help radically accelerate the professional journey of the best students.