Selecting the right business partners can make or break a venture. What starts out all enthusiastic can lead to exponential growth, bitter bickering or suffocating stagnation.  In order to line up an A class team with the unified spirit and mission of the Three Musketeers, we produced a simple check list.

Careful consideration can make sure that you are aligned with the right people, for the right project and at the right time.


  1. VALUE: How do we create more value together than apart? Do you agree on the weight of that value in equity terms?
  2. COMMITMENT LEVEL: Is this a marriage, casual dating or simple flirting?
  3. ETHICS: Solid, Soft or Sketchy standards?
  4. EXPERIENCE + KNOW-HOW + KNOW WHO: Useful now, in the future or never?
  5. MINDSET: Hustler, hunter or farmer?
  6. RISK LEVEL: Same or Different.  Complementary or Conflicting?
  7. EXTERNAL VOICES: Supporting or Concerned?
  8. SURVIVAL FACTOR: Are you in the same boat in financial terms?
  9. SCALE: Small is beautiful, Go Large, Super Size Me?
  10. EXIT: Keep It or Sell It?