This is 2010 and if you are reading this blog, you are of a privileged generation with an extraordinary access to know how and know who.  The formula is simple:

Computers + Connectivity+ Education + Social networks = Orgy of Options.

Choice then becomes the key challenge.  There is an itch to pursue many paths at once.  At the root of it is the question: do you want to be living a life in a state of peak performance  or perpetual wandering.  Both are valid and worthy life paths.  One is the journey of the master and potentially a virtuoso.  The other is that of the dabbler, amateur and bon vivant.

Many people cough up a short list of makeshift new year´s resolutions.  The usual suspects are to trim back on the waistline, do better at work and make amends with family.   There is a buzz in the air and people feel moved to talk about it, perhaps even draft up a to do list.

Yet, the ink drys fast and the commitment levels to these objectives fades and wobbles under old habits and the hustle and bustle of daily life.

What is required to hit these targets is  a deep mindfulness of commitment.  It means knowing what are the objectives, evaluating them and understanding the trade-offs.  Then, once these trade-offs are understood, there is the call for a passionate pursuit.  These two energies twine together into a powerful tap root, the first step in cultivating a vibrant triangle of talent, skill and experience which blossoms into the ability to hit the target, even at the longest of ranges.

Now, to get into that zone where passion and mindfulness meld together into an indefatigable force, you must choose your fantastic few.  You want to flourish and generate serious results.  And this means cleaning out all the noise, dumping distractions and being self aware enough to know when you are musing on something, which is essential to innovation and other great advances and when you are chasing your tail.

Here at the Pioneer Mindset, we encourage you to consider:

1 Professional Target + 1 Social Mission  + 1 Personal Vision = The Fantastic Few