There is a natural flow to the entrepreneurial mindset.   The creator, innovator and game changer engage in a continuous cycle that emerges into a flux and flow of ideas which take form and burst onto the scene as sustainable contributions to business, civic commitments or governmental improvements.

129996787_aa15c7c8ab Society places a premium on action, action, action. And in our hustle bustle, go go go world, the culture of reflection slowly faded to the background.  And in many cases, those who took the time to ponder the imponderable were labeled day dreamers.

Yet it is precisely in the power of reflection, mental wandering, exploration games and playing around with the what-if questions that pushes the boundaries, feeds the spirit of innovation and produces substantial game change.  Reflection is the primal spark that ignites the entrepreneurial fire.

Once an idea or concept is vetted by the fury of an entrepreneurial mind, the action muscles twitch, adrenaline surges and the ignited embers build into a blazing fire that fuels the sprint into action.  There comes the laser focus, the continuous concentration and the unrelenting move towards bringing the vision to realization.

RESTSnow monkey
A big challenge for entrepreneurs is to rest during and after building a sustainable enterprise.  They keep pushing, driving and advancing without resting, appreciating and savoring the journey.  It is crucial in the pursuit of the vision and dream to build in periods of rest, returns to the reflection zone and then a re-engagement of the run towards the vision.  And regardless of whether it is a sprint or a marathon, the successful entrepreneur requires rest.

The biggest challenge for an entrepreneur is to relax and to permit those close to him or her to cultivate relaxation into their lives.  It is through this relaxation,though, that the entrepreneur can be stirred up with fresh ideas, energies and glowing networks.  We will again see that the entire flux and flow which churns inside of an entrepreneur will once again: